Your important event is coming up and you’re getting all excited!

You want everything to be perfect… especially the photography.

We get it.

After all, events like this happen only once in a lifetime — whether it’s a wedding, baptism, funeral, or graduation. You cannot go back in time and re-attend or reenact them once they’re over. Once the event is past, it’s past, it’s over, and it’s done.

It’s super-important, therefore, to capture and preserve that “special” event for all time — for several generations to come and for posterity’s sake if you will.

You’ve already spent days and nights in planning and preparation just to make sure everything goes by without a hitch — ideally, perfectly and flawlessly. But there’s one thing that you never want to leave to chance — and that’s the event photography. Because once a scene is captured on camera, it becomes a permanent record. You cannot go back in time to re-live or reenact that scene and take another shot. So it’s vital that we capture the event and get it right the first time.

But how exactly do we pick the right event photographer? Well, here are the three simple steps:

event photography

1. Know What You Want from your event photographer.

You cannot choose the right event photographer if you don’t even know what you want. So the first thing you need to do is to know what you really, really want. What is your vision? What are your expectations? Once you have that, you can now begin looking for an event photographer.

Here are three practical things to think through:

  1. What is the overall look and feel of the event? Do you have a particular theme?
  2. What kind of mood or atmosphere do you want to convey in your photographs?
  3. What kind of photography do you really want or need? What kind of photographer?

2. Look for the Right Event Photographer.

You can start on Google. Do a search on the various photographers around your area. See what kind of styles resonate with you. After searching online, you can also turn to family and friends for good referrals. Or perhaps you can look on Facebook for profiles of event photographers. You want to make sure the photographer you hire will be someone you will enjoy working with.

3. Talk With Your Potential Event Photographer.

It’s not enough to rely on Internet searches or referrals. Once you’ve identified your top two or three photographers, call them up to set up an appointment. Try to determine these five things:

  1. Their style and approach. Ask them what they usually focus on during an event?
  2. Their equipment and tools. Do they have the right camera and photography equipment to fully capture the event? Or do they need any additional equipment to do the best job?
  3. Their client reviews. How many satisfied clients do they have? What do their clients say about their services? Go to their Facebook page and read the reviews. Aside from being professional, a good event photographer will also be friendly and accommodating.
  4. Their professional portfolio — Visit their office or photography studio and look at the pictures on the wall. See the actual work they have done for their clients. By doing this, you will have a better idea of the kind of photos they are capable of shooting for you. Also, if available, look through the various photo albums displayed on the coffee tables.
  5. Their ability to listen. In addition to asking them questions, it’s also important to clearly communicate your expectations (Step One). Make sure that they’ll honor your wishes!

The Bottom Line

Your search for the perfect event photographer will depend on your willingness to follow this simple, three-step process: Know what you want, look for the right event photographer, and finally, talk with your potential event photographer. If you’ll follow these three simple steps, you will be on your way to choosing the right and the best photographer for that all-important event!

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