It’s Not An Assembly Line… It’s PEOPLE!

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Things you KNOW employees are saying and thinking (though you hope they’re not) as your Corporate Photography day draws near…

“Can I call in sick that day?”
“I really don’t want to dress up for this.”
“How can I do that AND get my projects done?”
“Why can’t they just use last year’s photos?”
“Why do they do large team shots? Everyone gets lost…”
“It sucks not knowing if my pictures are any good until they’re displayed for EVERYONE to see.”

It’s no secret, Corporate Photography is a complete SNOOZEFEST and NO ONE wants to do it (except for the lazy ones who love a good excuse to NOT do work, right?). But it begs the question:

Does it HAVE to be this way?

Pssst… NO. It actually IS possible to make corporate photography day FUN and ENJOYABLE!

The Problem With Traditional Corporate Photography Sessions

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Traditional corporate photography sessions are treated like an assembly line… and they look like one too! All of the employees line up, dressed up, typically in dark apparel, and they’re quickly placed in front of a photographer who says, “…and 3, 2, 1” *CLICK* “next!”

Is this where you come to work? Is this where your friends are? Is this really 40+ hours of your week? Cause it seems more like getting your driver’s license picture taken. It’s not fun. And let’s be honest, when it’s not fun, you HATE it. There’s really no in-between.

Then, of course, comes the large-scale group pictures. Oh, joy. Nothing like squeezing in as tightly as possible only to get stuck behind some tall people so you can point and say, “That’s me… the spot where it looks like Johnny has 3 arms… that’s my arm.” Again, NOT FUN.

These are just some of the reasons your employees HATE corporate photo shoots. SO, how do you do things differently? How do you make it fun and enjoyable… while simultaneously getting the BEST photos (P.S. which is also the BEST use of the money you’re spending on this!)?

7 Tips for Making Corporate Photography Sessions FUN

It’s amazing what happens when the kiddos (your employees) get to enjoy “play time”. Work is already “work”… so we need to find ways to NOT make photography “work” as well. Here’s how:

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Tip #1 – Make it an Event!

Throw a party for everyone. Get them together, hanging out, talking, wearing whatever they’d normally wear. This is an opportunity for photographers to get candid shots of employees having fun and being themselves.

By making it an Event, you’ve completely changed the mindset. People can have fun at events, they can’t have fun standing in line for hours for a 2-second headshot.

Tip #2 – Headshots are like Wedding Food

At your corporate photography event, you’ll want to have groups — which will most likely be separated by departments. We get headshots from these groups like guests at a Wedding get their food: “Table #3, you’re up!”

In fact, like many Weddings, you can even play games to see which department goes first! Who doesn’t like games?? Which leads us to Tip #3…

Tip #3 – The Smaller the Groups, The Better

Think about it, if the groups are too large, it can feel just like any other photography day with everyone waiting in a long line for their headshots. We want to keep people engaged in the event and not even realizing that they’re being herded like cattle into taking headshot pictures

Time will fly by and before employees know it, photography day will be over… in fact, they might not even want it to end.

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Tip #4 – Ditch the Group Images

Let’s be honest, images of a large group or team are useless. Photographers charge for them because they can! People think it’s just part of the deal, but these are nothing images. They serve no purpose. Also, don’t know if we mentioned this yet, they’re NOT FUN!

Tip #5 – Remember Why You’re Taking Corporate Photos

The most important reason for corporate photos is typically headshots. Why else would you need corporate photos? EASY: Recruitment! When you can get candid images of your team having fun, playing games, chatting it up, you’re going to be VERY appealing to talented candidates looking for a great place to work. Stuffy traditional photography session can’t capture this and are a turnoff to potential new hires.

Tip #6 – It’s Ok to Serve Alcohol (A Little)

This one is tricky. Part of what makes an event fun is alcohol, however, you don’t want employees taking the all-important headshots SMASHED! So, when you’re organizing your event, have employees say “Yes” or “No” if they’re drinking and hold those who are drinking to a 2-Drink MAXIMUM. Also, don’t allow employees to buy their own drinks… they WILL overdo it before their headshots

Tip #7 – Hire the Right Photographers

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This is the most important Tip on the list! Why? Because there aren’t too many willing to do corporate photoshoots this way! Most photographers are stuck in the traditional way of doing corporate photoshoots and have no idea how to escape that box. But we do.

At Daiokan, we specialise in event-style corporate photo shoots… because we actually do both! We are experts in Event Photography, but we can also get the best headshots out of employees at the same time. It’s a Win-Win!

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