1. What type of ID do you accept to verify my account?

  • We do accept any types of government-issued ID. All you need to do is to upload it to your Daiokan account.

2. I’m uncomfortable with uploading a photograph of my passport and/or driving license to a website that has no credentials, eg. telephone numbers, address or even which country you’re located in.

  • We make sure your information is secure. We employ information security tools to protect personal data collected and processed through the Website.

3. I am 17 years old, will I be accepted as a Daiokan photographer?

  • Daiokan is not intended to be used by Contributors that are younger than 18 years old. You will have to wait until you reach 18 years old to become of our photographers.

4. How should I earn?

  • We help you expand your audiences and help you grow more in your craft. By using Diokan we try to take the hassle out of our photographer’s hand and let him/her focus on taking pictures. Plus the opportunity to do a lot of upsells in an automated way.

5. How do I get paid?

  • The royalties for the images will be paid to you through your Account monthly for the images purchased by customers during the preceding month. We always take the hassle out of you. It is processed automatically and you do not need to request them.

6. How important are image size and image quality?

  • All images uploaded to Daiokan system must be of professional quality. Images must be at least 2100 x 1400 MP and set at highest quality settings to produce an acceptable file dimensions.

7. What kind of images are not accepted?

  • By using Daiokan and posting content or images you agree not to submit any images that may violate any applicable laws under CONTRIBUTORS’ Terms OF SERVICE (4. Guidelines for your Content)

8. Are there any restrictions on the quantity or frequency of images that I may upload?

  • There are no restrictions right now on the quantity or frequency of images that you can upload to your profile.

9. How do I contact you for support?

  • If you encounter any issues please feel free to contact us. You may contact us directly from this link (https://daiokan.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new).