Step One: Get Approved

First off, it’s important to make sure you’re fully approved to work with Daiokan. You should have received an email confirmation, but if you’re still waiting, contact our Support Team.

Step Two: Charge up, and Get Shooting!

Before you venture out in pursuit of your first Session, make sure you take a notebook, so that you can record the client’s info. (For this part, there will be an app for iOs and Android available very soon) And don’t forget to charge your camera batteries, too!

Once you’re all charged up, grab your camera, put on your dazzling new Daiokan gear, and start shooting! Highly populated public areas where friends and families are likely to gather are often great places to start – try parks, amusement parks, famous landmarks, and other areas of natural beauty!

Step Three: Perfect your Pitch

When approaching potential clients, be sure to hand them a Daiokan flyer and stress that they can have a professional photograph taken with zero obligations to purchase.

Your Daiokan uniform will reinforce your professionalism and make clients feel at ease. Enjoy the experience of working with a new client – it should be fun!

Step Four: Seal the Deal

When your client first agrees to getting their picture taken, take their details through our app or a notebook and remember to enter the photo starting number from your camera, so that you can easily match the pictures with the client later on.

Once you’ve taken some choice shots, explain to the client that they’ll receive an email and SMS when the pictures are online. And when you’ve said your goodbyes, scout the area and see if there are any other potential clients looking for a photo!

Step Five: Edit and Upload

5.1 If you are not using the Android or iOs app (if you are go straight to 5.2)

Create new sessions in the web interface from all the info into your notebook, you have to create a session for every new client through the web-interface, in order to succinctly collect all of their photos in one place. It’s also possible to add multiple contacts to one Session, if for example a group of friends all express an interest in viewing the photos.

You don’t have to upload the pictures yet, just create the different sessions.

5.2: If you are using the Android or iOs app

  1. Make sure to install the app on your phone: (currently only for Android, iOs is coming soon).
  2. Login with your account in the app.
    1. 3. Once logged in, click in the right corner below the plus sign.

      4. Next, enter the session information. (you can choose a relevant session name, for example “London Tower”.

      5. After, add the client information. You can ask the clients themselves to fill in their information on yout phone if you want. Click in the upper right corner to confirm. If you want you can add more persons to the same session after.

      6. Click in the right corner again to confirm the session. Now your session is created, all created sessions will be uploaded to the Daiokan system once you connect with internet.

      All the sessions you created through the app will be visible in the Dashboard under “Sessions waiting to be sent”, when you login in your interface through desktop.

    Step Six: Match your Photos (use your desktop for this).

    Daiokan will automatically match your uploads to the correct clients using the photo numbers you entered. If there any pictures not matched, Daiokan will ask you to match them to the correct Session manually. Click the green button in the upper right corner to upload all your photo’s from the day.


    • Make sure you optimized the pictures in Lightroom first.
    • Make sure to keep the same image numbers, otherwise the pictures won’t be matched to the right client.
    • Pictures not matched will be displayed as “unrecognized”. You can assign them to a session or create a new session by selecting them.
    • Go to the sessions tab to get a structured overview from all the sessions and the unrecognized pictures.
    • Step Seven: Review (through sessions tab) and Send

      Before you send your completed Session to the client, you’ll be asked to review everything one last time. Take this opportunity to make sure your work is as excellent as it can possibly be, and then… send!

      Step Eight: Await Client Approval

      Your client will receive an email and SMS with a link to their Daiokan Session. From there, they can create a password, and view their photographs, with an option to purchase. Currently, purchases will operate on a digital basis. Watch our blog for our expansion into merchandise…

      Step Nine: Watch the sales roll in…

      When your client makes a purchase, you will receive a notification in your mailbox. You can also check your Total Earnings in your Dashboard when you Login at Daiokan.

      Step Ten: …and cash out!

      You’ll be able to withdraw your earnings once you’ve hit the $200 mark, and payments are made once a month.

      And that’s it! You are now fully equipped to Get Started with Daiokan!

      Until next time, keep capturing beautiful moments.