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An easy to use online platform designed for photographers to sell a wide variety of their great work to a built-in clientele.

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You’ve got the camera. You’ve got the eye. You want the clients.

We can help.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re the go-to shutterbug at family functions and get-togethers with friends. People constantly tell you you’re missing out on the fun by spending all your time behind your camera. But for you, that along with editing everything afterward, is the fun!

You strive for the perfect photograph whether you’re behind your DSLR or taking a cell phone picture for a vacationing family or group that grabbed you while you were walking by. You love hearing “Hey! Would you mind taking our picture really quick?” They’re expecting a snapshot but you’re going to give them a memory.

You’re a photographer.

If you’re like most at this stage, you’re starting to think about what it might be like to go pro. But everytime you do, you get stuck in the ‘business’ part of the photography business.

Daiokan helps by giving you instant and easy access to the two most important things you need if you’re thinking about making money from your photography: clients and a way to sell them your work!

How does this work? 

With Daiokan, there’s no marketing. There’s no endless searching for clients. And, there’s no harm done if you don’t already have a large portfolio. That’s because Daiokan puts you where the clients are now –in public, having fun, and wanting to have their moments captured.

You simply approach and ask if they’d like you to take some photographs for them. Then, once they say yes, you run the session however they’d like. Maybe it’s a few minutes of candids or maybe they take the opportunity to have a nice group or family portrait done. It’s completely up to them.

At the end, the only thing you’ll have to ask them for is an email address.

Won’t they think that’s a little weird?

Nope! Because Daiokan photographers are given logoed and branded hats and t-shirts that easily identify them! We make sure that you’re never seen as the stereotypically-creepy “guy/girl with a camera. ”When working with Daiokan, you’re a uniformed businessperson providing a valuable service to people who want high-quality photographs of some of their favorite moments.

Ok, then what?

Edit your photos, upload them to Daiokan, and enter the client’s email address. That’s it!

It can’t be that easy.

It is! The client gets an email letting them know their photos are ready for viewing and purchase, and our platform gives them the opportunity to buy everything from digital downloads to printed merchandise like cards and mugs. When they buy, you get paid!

Pull the money to your bank account to use as a secondary income stream or save for that new lens you’ve been wanting. It’s completely up to you.

But that’s not all!

We’ll periodically remind them of your photo session (think holidays and other occasions) and encourage them to come back to Daiokan and buy additional products. Whenever they do, you get paid again! There’s no time limit. If customers are buying your work, you’re making money. Period.

Shoot. Edit. Upload. Collect.

You didn’t become a photographer because you love advertising, marketing, client development, and bookkeeping. You became a photographer because you love shooting photos! That’s what we want you to do. You keep doing the same high-quality work that you’ve always done and Daiokan will handle everything else – even your future upsells.

Sold! How do I get started?

We thought you’d never ask! It’s simple – we just want to see what you can do. We’re not going ask you what kind of rig you’re shooting with (although, for obvious reasons, the higher the quality, the better) or where you stand on Canon versus Nikon. There’s not even a quiz (we’re assuming you already know the rule of thirds and what various lenses do to depth of field). We just want to see what kind of an eye you have.

Once an actual Daiokan human goes through your work and approves you, we’ll send an email letting you know to keep an eye out for your marketing kit and Daiokan gear.

Then, put on your shirt and hat, grab your camera, and get out there and start shooting! We suggest that you go to high-population, popular areas where people are likely to gather together like parks, amusements, landmarks, and other points of interest.

You’re a photographer. With Daiokan, you can be a working photographer.

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