Charlotte Bull

Superstar Photographer in Buckinghamshire

Nikon D750

How long have you been doing photography?
I have been doing photography for 3 years. I do most of my shoots in Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas.

Please describe your photography style?
It is always fun! I like to capture unique moments or personalities in photos. I capture memories that put a smile on peoples faces.

Aside from taking pictures, what are your other interests?
Climbing, Walking, Dogs, Food!

How does a perfect day look like for you?
Walking somewhere beautiful with sunshine and a good lunch at the end!

Which photographers are you inspired by?
Storm Thorgerson, Rick Howman, Charlotte Reeves

What is the best website to read about photography for you?
I never look at one place, in particular, I like a get research and inspiration from all over the internet. However, if I am honest about my favourite way to learn is from other photographers and inspirational people.

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