Georgios Elianos

Superstar Photographer in London


How long have you been a photographer?

I’ve been enjoying the beautiful art of photography for the past 8 years. I live in London for work, doing most of my shoots there, however, I also love working on projects back home in Santorini.

Favourite shooting styles?

I love taking fresh, modern shots, as well as documentary-style photographs. My culture has also inspired my love of classical and romantic styles of photography, too!


Aside from photography, I have a great passion for architecture, cinema, and exploring the great outdoors.

Perfect day out?

My perfect day out is to wake up, live healthily and try to be the best version of myself – like I do every day!

Photography inspirations?

Garry Winogrand is a big inspiration and influence for my work and preferred shooting styles.

1 review

  1. Baby photoshoot

    Georgeos is really an awesome photographer. We had a photo session booked with him, we were late and couldn’t find parking but he patiently and calmly waited and guided us in. He took outstanding baby photos in one hour, roughly 220 photos, edited them all and presented to us. He absolutely exceeded our expectations both from the photoshoot itself and the results. I’d definitely recommend him.

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