Gerry McLoughlin

Superstar Photographer in Greater Manchester

Canon EOS 5 Mark 111, Sinar X, F1 5×4, Mamiya RB

How long have you been doing photography?
I have been a professional photographer for 30 years. I normally do my photoshoots in The North of England and North Wales.

Please describe your photography style?
It is controlled and thoughtful.

Aside from taking pictures, what are your other interests?
Painting, Sailing, Shooting, Working Dogs, Fishing, Cooking

How does a perfect day look like for you?
Anytime spent with my amazing family!

Which photographers are you inspired by?
I am always inspired by Rankin, Helmut Newton, Ansel Adams and Terence Donovan

What is the best website to read about photography for you?
It is

Are you a member of a photography organization?
I used to be a member of the UK’s biggest professional body for around twenty years but concluded it was simply a fee collecting organisation. I am no longer part of any organisation.

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