Kevin McGarry

Superstar Photographer in Scotland

Nikon D850’s and a Leica SL 601

How long have you been doing photography?
I have been a professional photographer for 33 years. I am based in Scotland and working throughout the UK.

Which locations do you cover?
I have covered Opening Ceremonies at Olympics, Commonwealth Games. RoyalHigh-endParties, High-end Social Balls and Parties as well as lots of Sporting events. Just as happy taking portraits in the studio or taking the studio to the client. When I am free I take off to photograph the Landscape.

Please describe your photography style?
Hard question, if its the GigaPan images then it’s about the image detail, the interactivity. I would say my Fine Art background influences my style a great deal.

Aside from taking pictures, what are your other interests?
I have run 49 marathons around the world, so running and traveling. I take inspiration from cinema and good fiction.

How does a perfect day look like for you?
Go for a run, clear the head and then be creative with my work.

Which photographers are you inspired by?
Most of the Magnum group, Jeff Wall, Christian Boltanski, recently went to Lisbon to see Pieter Hugo’s show.

What is the best website to read about photography for you?
Lens Culture

Are you a member of a photography organization?
Photographers Guild and Sports Journalist Association

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