Kieran Dhanjal

Superstar Photographer in Reading

Canon EOS1, Olympus OM10 & Canon 5D

How long have you been doing photography?
I am from Reading and have 1-year experience in photography but am looking forward to many years to come.

Please describe your photography style
I consider my photos to be beautifully candid and strive to capture the essence of human elegance and mother nature’s creations. I want my photos to create a natural atmosphere around them, an organic and momentary event, capturing a mood or feeling in that one moment.

Aside from taking pictures, what are your other interests?
I am a lover of music and an avid guitarist. Music is a big part of my life and another outlet to express my creativity.

How does a perfect day look like for you?
I see a perfect day as a productive, relaxed and forward moving. Where everything falls into place nicely and I am able to get into a flow activity.

Which photographers are you inspired by?
My peers are my biggest inspiration, I have a great group of friends who are all passionate about photography, as well as admiring their work it also provides a little competition for me to always improve. In terms of professional photographers: Brandon Stanton, Ansel Adams, Don McCullin, Ross Halfin.

What is the best website to read about photography for you?
Nationalgeographic and YouTube

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