Time Passes Faster Than We Realize… Don’t Regret Not Capturing These Moments

Old Photo, old couple

Don’t Worry! This is a circle of trust! SO, let’s be 100% honest with each other:

As time passes, we’re NEVER going to look as good as we do right now. AND, while we might look good now, we don’t look as good as we did in the past. Not that we’ll be able to remember! It’s just the natural curse of aging, right?

Yep, it SUCKS! Getting old SUCKS! And it’s reflected back at us with each stiff and indistinguishable selfie we take to commemorate our lives. “Eh, I look ok in this one. But where was this? When was this?”

Think about it this way: life is comprised of so many powerful moments. But what sparks nostalgia? What takes us back and reminds us of how we felt in those moments (when we looked so much better than we do now?) What reignites the smells of those moments? The feeling in the air? How WE felt?

What triggers these incredible memories like nothing else?

ONE THING: Professional Photography!

Roads? Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need… “Roads”!

taking old picture

No, we don’t have Time Machines and no, we can’t travel into the future. But we CAN travel back into the past. We can transport ourselves into once-in-a-lifetime moments just by looking at a photograph. Not just ANY photograph though…

That selfie at a historic location whilst on holiday doesn’t take us back to that moment, that feeling, the air, the smells, or the memories quite like experiencing it while a professional photographer captures it. Seeing the unrehearsed smile on your own face, the earnest look in your own eyes from a photographer’s perspective is a feeling no smartphone can capture.

Plus, it’s tough to look back on a selfie and think, “Wow, that was an exciting day…” Why? Because what we usually end up thinking when we look back on selfies and smartphone pictures is “Why am I making that face? Why did I pose that way? Why is everything so blurry? Do you remember that?”

When we’re trying to capture moments on our phones something terrible happens… we MISS THE MOMENT! We lose everything about that moment in history that makes it special. We lose the smell in the air. We lose the way we felt. We lose all feelings of nostalgia that allow us, years later, to immediately be transported back into that moment of time with the glance of a photograph.

Have you already noticed this? Have you looked back at pictures you took or you had someone else take and you don’t remember it? Like you’re looking at a moment in your life that never actually happened?

That’s why professional photography is so important.

What to Look for in a Professional Photographer

So, when building your time-traveling portfolio of the most wonderful moments in your life, you want to make sure you’ve got the right professional behind the camera lens, capturing the moments that will transport you back. Here’s the person you want capturing your moments in history:

A Fly On The Wall


It should never feel like there’s a camera or photographer there. No one’s posing or worrying about how they look for a picture. Why? Because you’re too busy EXPERIENCING! Your experiences in those moments will drive nostalgia. Remember, the moment you start thinking about taking certain pictures or posing for cameras, you lose that powerful connection to how you feel in those moments. A great photographer will feel unnoticeable.

A Photographer You’re Comfortable With

professional photographer

This is your life you’re capturing! These are memories you want to hold onto forever. So it’s important that you’re comfortable with the professional photographer capturing these moments. It’s the difference between you and your significant other taking a smiling selfie with a beautiful mountainous background versus basking in the beauty of the environment around you and a real, intimate kiss on the forehead being captured without you even knowing it.

A Portfolio

photographer portfolio

Take a look at your potential photographer’s portfolio. Remember, if moments feel staged, they’ll take you out of experiencing, well, your life! It should almost feel like sanctioned Paparazzi photographs. It should feel like beautiful moments were captured without anyone knowing about it. It’s powerful!

How’s THAT For Honesty?

No, we’ll never look as good as we do now or as we did then… but we can FEEL as happy and young as ever with the right photographer. At Daiokan, we create time machines and memories by capturing moments… not staging photographic images.

Get back to experiencing life. We’ll capture it.

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