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How To Get Photos That Reflect Your Culture

  • 1

    Browse Our Specialty Photographers

    Look through our network of photographers to find one who has the skills and experience you are looking for in a wedding photographer

  • 2

    Select The Ideal Wedding Photo Package

    Depending on the size of your wedding, we have several different photo packages that might be a good fit. Look through them and decide which one makes the most sense for you.

  • 3

    Enjoy The Celebration

    You shouldn’t have to worry about micromanaging your photographers on your special day. With Daiokan, you can rest easy knowing the professionals have you taken care of.

  • 4

    Download Your Images

    Once your photographer has finished their editing, they will email you a link that you can follow to view your photographs on the Daiokan website. From there, you can download your favorites or even place an order to have them printed on things like canvas, apparel, and posters.

Not quite convinced? No problem!

We understand the pressure that comes with booking a wedding photographer. You only get one chance to get the pictures you will look back on for the rest of your life. That’s why we offer couples this suggestion who are undecided about working with us...

Book an engagement shoot!

If you are having a Sangeet, we can send a photographer out to capture all the fun and festivities of this time-honored tradition. If you would like to do a more contemporary-style engagement shoot, our photographers can handle that too. You can use this timer o get a feel for our photographer and discuss how you’d like your wedding photographed.

Indian weddings
celebrated with

One of the things we like best is all of the different cultures we get to engage with as wedding photographers. We promise our photographers will do their absolute best to make sure they get amazing shots of every little moment of your ceremony and the celebration that follows after.

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Why Daiokan Is The Perfect Choice For Your Wedding Photos

We make your pictures unique

If you look up wedding photos online, chances are you’ll we the same kind of picture over and over again. Our photographers don’t do that. They are passionate about getting amazing, unique pictures that highlight your one-of-a-kind wedding.

A stress free process from beginning to end

Daiokan might be the only place where you can browse dozens of photographers, book the one you want, pay for your photos, download them, and get them printed on high-end merchandise all in the same place. We make every part of the process as easy as possible.

Experienced photographers make the best photographers

Our photographers have done many, many weddings and you’re the beneficiary of all that experience. They’ll be able to help you identify what kind of pictures you’d like and then flawlessly capture those moments.

Indian weddings are special

You don’t want to hire someone who is going to approach your photoshoot like a European-style wedding. There are some many big and small traditions that go with an Indian wedding, you want a photographer who understands them and knows the best way to highlight them as part of their pictures.

Guaranteed quality

In the end, it’s all about the pictures. We know that you will be thrilled with the quality of photos you receive. Our photographer’s images are crisp, beautiful, brilliant and moving. They do everything a great photograph should, with your wedding right in the middle of it.

For pictures too special for a simple frame

We give you the opportunity to take your favorite pictures from your wedding and have them printed on beautifully made items. These make great wedding presents for yourself or you can send them to those who have been important on your journey. Choose from posters, canvas prints, apparel, pillows, and more.

Our Talented Wedding Photographers

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Sample Wedding Packages Given the size and length of your wedding, you can choose the right package for you.

  • Package 1

    Photoshoot 1 hour

    20 pictures

    photos professionally edited

    Online gallery

    All jpeg files

    Priceless memories captured forever


    Add ons available

  • Package 2

    Photoshoot 2 hour

    45 pictures

    photos professionally edited

    Online gallery

    All jpeg files

    Priceless memories captured forever


    Add ons available

  • Package 3

    Photoshoot 3 hour

    70 pictures

    photos professionally edited

    Online gallery

    All jpeg files

    Priceless memories captured forever


    Add ons available

  • Package 4

    Photoshoot 4 hour

    230 pictures

    photos professionally edited

    Online gallery

    All jpeg files

    Priceless memories captured forever


    Add ons available

If you have
any questions,

you can always contact our team here at Daiokan

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1. Which photo package should I choose?

That depends on your wedding. If you are having a larger wedding or one that will run longer than usual, take that into account to make sure you’ll have enough photos to cover the entire time.

2. What is your weather policy?

As long as your wedding isn’t cancelled, our photographer will be there. However, if your wedding has to be postponed due to inclement weather, we’ll be sure to work with you to make sure we can get someone there on the rescheduled date.

3. What will my photographer wear?

Wedding photographers usually wear black as a standard practice. However, if you would like your photographer to wear something in particular, just let them know ahead of time.

4. Can my photographer bring props for the pictures?

If there is an item you want featured in your pictures that won’t already be at the wedding venue, let your photographer know and see if they can bring it. If not, you are welcome to bring it yourself.

5. How long do I have my photographer for?

The amount of time your photographer stays depends on your photo package. Typically, the larger the package the more time your photographer will need to get all the necessary pictures.

6. Do your photographers do any advanced editing, retouching, or recoloring?

Yes, they do. You will receive pictures that have been edited to make them look the best they possible can.

7. What if I have to cancel?

You will receive a full refund if you cancel you up to two (2) days before the wedding.

Money Back Guarantee

We promise that if, for any reason, you aren’t completely satisfied with your photos, we will give you a full refund. If you haven’t yet purchased your photos, you are under no obligation to pay for them.

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