…and the power of capturing moments, not images.

Sad Couple

“Ok, stand behind her and put your hand on her shoulder… great. Now, stand sassy in his arm… nice. Ok, give me a smile.” A smile? More like a yawn.

Too many professional photographers get Couples Photography completely WRONG. And what’s worse, they charge an arm and a leg for it! So, we’re going to break down what they get wrong, and what Couples Photography SHOULD be.

Unhappy coupes

1. What Couples Photographers Get WRONG

Couples Photographers have a very tired formula. Here’s their basic priority list:

❌ A beautiful, picturesque backdrop
❌ A series of poses that would never happen in real life

That’s it. They might care about things like outfits, hair, makeup, etc. You know, the obvious and, quite frankly, superficial things that people think about when taking, I don’t know, Yearbook Photos?

Where’s the love?

Ever noticed this? When couples post their portraits and they appear staged and forced? What’s the first thing that goes through your mind?

Is their relationship just as staged and forced as this picture?

ANSWER: Unless you know them, you’ll never know… because their couples photographer never captured them for who they are as a couple. Never captured the love they share for each other. When you really think about it, traditional couples photography is sad BECAUSE of this.

We all know that feeling we get when we look the person we love most in the eyes. When we share a moment that is so perfectly and uniquely us that others would never understand. We know that incredible sensation we get in the pit of our stomachs when we think back to going on dates, to the late night phone calls, to everything that led to us falling in love. THIS is the feeling that needs to be captured.

Instead, unfortunately, too many couples photography sessions look like the photographer paired two actors together to do a photoshoot for stock imagery that goes into picture frames when they’re on shelves for sale. It’s flat, it’s staged. It’s unloving, and sadly, unmemorable.

Happy Couple

2. What Couples Photography SHOULD Be

Have you ever noticed how old photographs, while low in quality, were beautiful moments captured unbeknownst to the couple? It’s as if someone pulled back a stage curtain to capture an intimate moment of a husband or father-to-be kissing his pregnant wife on the forehead while they sat on their porch swing… a moment we were never meant to see… a moment that was just part of their love story.

THAT’S real photography. Couples Photography should be capturing beautiful moments in a couples love story… not just “images” with beautiful backgrounds.

Think about the power of an image where a couple is sharing a rock to sit on and gazing into each other’s eyes in love despite the beauty surrounding them…

Now, take that same image and change it to the couple smiling at the camera. Doesn’t have the same feel, does it?

Now, take that same image and have them aimlessly look off into the distance. STILL doesn’t have the same feel, does it? It looks like they’re in a fight and not talking to each other, right?

Couples Photography should be about capturing moments of love instead of staged High School Dance Photos (awkward… remember those?). These images will exist forever and be part of how future generations view your love story together. Do you want future generations to know that you could pose and smile together? OR, do you want them to know that you were truly in love?

Moments of Laughter
Moments of Fun
Moments of Love
Moments of Consoling

Moments… there’s nothing greater to remember. That’s what the professional couples photographers at Daiokan believe in and capture for couples every single day.

Images are boring. Moments are forever.

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