…it’s not you, it’s not your photography, it’s where you’re getting booked

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You’re not on Tinder. It’s not a “Swipe Left if you hate my photography, Swipe Right if you want to hire me” situation. You’re a professional! You do great work and you know how to get the best out of your subjects. So why are you constantly stuck doing sessions you’re not passionate about, with people who take advantage of your service, and at a much lower rate than you deserve?

HINT… nope, not “hint”… ANSWER: It’s WHERE you’re being booked.

The Long, Painful Chain of Photographer Mediocrity

Most professional photographers rely on “Word of Mouth” Marketing. At first glance, this sounds like a GREAT idea. You, the photographer, do a wonderful job, snap unbelievably beautiful photographs, treat clients with care and respect, causing that client to go out and tell his or her friends how amazing you are and that they have to hire you.

It’s great! It’s meritocracy! One problem… if you’ve been getting a lot of crummy clients lately. You know, the ones who think they know what great photography is. The ones who tell you how to do your job. The ones who want to look at every image in your camera before moving on to the next one. The ones… OK, this is starting to look like a list of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. episodes. The point is, if these clients are terrible to work with and openly behave this way… their circle of friends and family are probably no different. So, it becomes this long, painful chain of awful “word-of-mouth” clients. Yuck.

So what do you do about this? You don’t get to really “choose” your clients, do you? Why do you keep getting stuck with people like this?

How Much Is Professional Photography?

One of the reasons you’re getting stuck with difficult clients who think they can tell you how to do your job better than you can do it without their nitpicking is your price point. Many photographers fear that if they charge too much, they won’t get any clients. That they’ll scare away potential business… there are two things at play here:

#1 Yes, you WILL scare away clients…

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…as in, you’ll scare away the BAD clients! You’ll scare away the ones who are maxing out a credit card to pay your LOW price point, so they think it has to be absolutely perfect (their version of perfect… not yours).

#2 You’ll draw in BETTER clients…

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You’re opening up your art, your photography to a demographic that’s not only willing to pay a great photographer, but typically pays a higher price specifically because they WANT to be hands-off and let you do your thaaaaang. THESE are the clients you want. The question becomes…

Are you worth it?

This is a big, philosophical question about self-worth, Is my photography really worth X price?, self-doubt, and whether or not you’re better than the photographers who already charge more than you do and thriving…

BAD NEWS: We can’t answer this for you here… YOU have to decide what you’re photography’s worth. One way to find out, start charging more and seeking out higher-end clients… which brings us to our next point…

Daiokan’s Team of Photographers ROCKS!

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We bring in tons of incredible, high-end clients looking for everything from Wedding and Family Photography to Product and Food Photography. The thing is, they’re typically looking for local photographers who ROCK at these things… so they come to Daiokan to find someone local.

FULL CIRCLE: I guess you kinda ARE on Tinder… at least, the photography version of it 😉

Here’s the deal, if you want to photograph things you’re passionate about at a higher price point for better clients, then Daiokan’s where you want to be. Not that we’re biased or anything…

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